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Informative Speech Presentation. Fall 2011

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Comment by Smunch Kindelson on November 11, 2011 at 1:02am

Ben, why am i not surprised?! great job!!!! Firstly, your content was very informative. I never knew that MMA was even a official sport. It shows from your speech that you researched your topic very well. You defiantly had 3 to 5 sources, if not more. You also were creative by opening up with that boxer verses wrestler question.  Additionally, your speech was very well organized- you had the 3 part intro, with a 4 part body, followed by a 3 part conclusion. Your speech was very easy to follow due to your great organization. Furthermore, your delivery was also good- I don't think you stuttered once. You were so comfortable with your topic that you were able to randomly throw in different examples or actors to bring out your point. Very smooth. However, you got to relax the moving back and forth in your speech, it looked like you were doing martial arts. Also, maybe you could of been a little clearer with your thesis make it clear that you were going to inform us on the history of martial arts instead of jumping right into it. Overall your hard work shows and you did a great job. Keep up the great work!    

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