"Anansi and the Spider: Anansi Goes Fishing," A Narrative/Storytelling Warmup

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Comment by Ceida Denise Velasquez on April 1, 2014 at 12:31pm

   when writing a speech you have to have content meaning a good statement. let the audience know what you are talking about.Give evidence and reasons to prove your statement. Most importantly it has to be interesting.

   i like how you started your speech by making it personal, You also made a connect with us. telling us that we have anasi in our family. You talked about your God sister, how she does really thing to no help, but to still be able to have fun. You then fit your thesis into it exampling what Anasi was. After that you started telling us about the story, giving more examples.

   For organization you have to make sure you have a introduction, bodys and a conculison. There also has to be a logical progression of ideas. Transitions is another key thing to have to make you have a well organized speech.

    For your speech i feel you did a good job with organization. You had a strong introucation, had a good attention opening. Then you moved on to your bodys of information and evidence. of the story and your son. For the conculsion you ending with a problem solution that not everything will be given to you for free you have to work for things. You had a good review of what your speech was about. Transitions over all was great your speech flowed together.

    Delivery is all about having eye contact, facial and vocal variety, body language. little things that can effect the way the audience reasons to your speech. The way you present your speech. 

      You had very good eye contact with the audience you wasnt looking down or looking away, it was like you was having a convestion with all of us. For body language it was strong you showed that you was into your speech. towards the end you started to play with your paper, but it was only a little. Over all great speech