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More Informative/Expository Speech Suggestions

A. Expository Speeches: 1.  Expository Speech: an informative presentation that provides carefully researched in-depth knowledge about a complex topic.

2.  All expository speeches require that the speaker use an extensive research base of reputable sources.

    a. You will want to cite your sources for the information you present.

3.  Choose an organizational pattern that helps the audience understand the material being discussed.

4.  Use a variety of the informative methods to sustain the audience's attention and comprehension of the material presented.

B. Exposition of political, economic, social, religious or ethical issues

1.  In an expository speech the speaker has the opportunity to help the audience understand the background or context of an issue, including the forces that gave rise to the issue and are continuing to affect it.

2.  The speaker may also present the various positions that are held about the issue and the reasoning behind these positions.

3.  The speaker may discuss various ways for the issue to be resolved.

4.  Speakers should present all sides of controversial issues.

C.  Exposition of historical events and forces

1.  An important type of expository speech is one that explains historical events or forces like the one provided by your textbook on the role of women in WWII on pages 234-237 and recorded on the DVD accompanying the textbook. ( Rosie the Riveters of World War II pays homage to women in WWII.)

2.  You have an obligation during your research to seek out stories and narratives that can enliven your speech.

3.  Consult sources that analyze the events you describe so that you can discuss what impact they had at the time they occurred and what meaning they have today.

D. Exposition of a theory, principle, or law

1.  There are many theories, principles, and laws that we do not completely understand, or don't understand how they affect us.

2.  An expository speech can inform by explaining these important phenomena.

3.  You will be challenged to find material that explains the theory, law or principle in language that is understandable to the audience.

4.  Search for or create examples and illustrations that demystify esoteric or complicated terminology.

5.  Using effective examples and comparing unfamiliar ideas with those that the audience already knows can help you explain the law.

E.  Exposition of a creative work

1.  Most of us know very little about how to understand a creative work, so presentation designed to explain creative works such as poems, novels, songs, or even famous speeches can be very instructive for audience members.

2.  Find information on the work and the artist who created it.

3.  Also, find sources that help you understand the period in which this work was created and learn about the criteria critics use to evaluate works of this type.


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Comment by Richard Green on July 22, 2011 at 11:56am
The Internet and Democracy and theMiller Center National Debate Series offer excellent topics for Expository presentations.
Comment by Richard Green on July 22, 2011 at 11:27am

Topics are listed here that may also be used to develop into Expository presentations.

Such as for March 2010
Easier Topics

1. Is the expansion of nuclear energy production a good way to combat global warming?
2. Are the recent claims that “Washington is broken” exaggerated?
3. Who is really in control of the Tea Party?
4. Can Michelle Obama make an impact in the fight against childhood obesity?
5. Are Sarah Palin’s presidential ambitions growing or shrinking?
6. Is reality TV good for the entertainment industry?
7. Should the federal government regulate the ownership of pet snakes?
8. Can President Obama’s proposed budget tame the federal budget deficit?
9. Is health care reform dead or alive?
10. Is President Obama wise to increase spending on national defense?

More Difficult Topics
1. How will recent retirements from the U.S. Senate impact who controls Congress?
2. Are Dick Cheney’s vocal criticisms of the current President inappropriate for a former Vice President?
3. Will the Apple iPad be a significant competitor in the eReader market?
4. Will Toyota’s troubles become American carmakers’ reward?
5. What effect is the American recession having on crime rates in the United States?
6. Should doctors continue to pursue medical advances that would lengthen human life beyond 100 years?
7. Should troubled public schools be turned over to charter school companies?
8. Is Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap to America’s Future” a blueprint for Republican victory in 2010?
9. Is the Saints’ victory in the Superbowl emblematic of New Orleans’ recovery?
10. Will Google Buzz succeed as a competitor with Facebook?
11. Will the Pentagon’s review of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy ultimately result in its repeal?
12. Are campaign finance laws an unfair limitation on free speech rights?

Easier Topics
1. Can recent U.S. offensives in Afghanistan turn the tide against the Taliban?
2. Should the United States change its tactics in the Palestinian-Israeli peace process?
3. Is Somalia becoming a stronghold for Islamic extremists?
4. Are UN sanctions enough to check Iran’s nuclear ambitions?
5. Are protests by the Iranian opposition an exercise in futility?
6. Should France suspend its sale of warships to Russia?
7. Is the Turkish army a threat to the country’s democracy?
8. Is the United States doing enough to check China’s rapid rise in global influence?
9. Is the African Union an influential force for African peace?
10. Has China improved living conditions for its Tibetan minority?
11. Is Australia’s population growing at an unhealthy pace?
12. Can Jacob Zuma succeed at curbing corruption in South Africa?
13. Who should shoulder the primary responsibility for reconstructing Haiti?

More Difficult Topics
1. Is democracy in Sri Lanka in danger?
2. Will the election of Viktor Yanukovych move Ukraine into a closer relationship with Russia?
3. What can the EU do to help improve the economies of the PIIGS nations?
4. Can a bailout of Greece bring renewed stability to the Euro?
5. Is the growing strength of the Cuban-Venezuelan alliance a threat to Latin American democracy?
6. Are North Korean economic policies undermining the support of the people for the regime?
7. A

Comment by Richard Green on July 21, 2011 at 8:41am

An Expository speech is a prepared speech which explains or “exposes” a topic usually with the help of visual aids. The primary purpose of an expository speech is to inform but it may also persuade, entertain, or fulfill any other function. The speaker may use visual aids.
Audio aids and effects may be used to enhance the speech.

Remember that "Content Follows Connection." Do not memorize or read the speech. To review this as well as how to create a powerpoint presentation, go to the tutorials at the bottom of the video here:



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